What if you were suddenly diagnosed with a life-threatening disease?
What if you were the parent of young children and feared that you would not be around for milestones and major events in their lives?
What if you still had a lot to say to your children and experiences to share to keep your memory and relationship alive?
How would you cope and what would you do?
A video will let my children hear my voice, see my smile, my gestures…

Who We Service

We are a nationwide organization and are able to provide services anywhere in the country. We are now proud to say we serve Canada as well. While we are headquartered in New York, we provide services to our clients from New York to California, and from Canada to Florida. We provide both in person taping, as well as tapings done via Skype, all with professional videographers and volunteer therapists to ensure the highest quality video legacy.

Mission Statement

The mission of Thru My Eyes is to give individuals
living with a life-threatening illness the ability to create
a living legacy with the help of a trained mental health
professional, in the privacy of their own home at no cost.

Father Age 30

Mother Age 43