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Carisoprodol 350 Mg TabletA few weeks ago, Judy Devanzo, the President and Co-founder of, came to her sister’s home in NY and made a video for her children. This is what she wrote on her blog: “

“Next, Jill, introduced me to a friend of hers, Carrie, who started the non-profit, “thru your eyes”. Carrie is also a cancer survivor and wanted to find a way to give back. When she was diagnosed with cancer many years ago, her children were much younger and she remembered how she felt when thinking that she may not be there in the future to teach them about dating, driving, college, traveling, marriage, her experiences growing up, etc.. So, she found the right people and created this amazing organization. For 2+ hours she and I had a conversation on camera about who I was, where I came from, where I went, where I am now, and where I want them to be. It was an amazing experience and one that I am still trying to process. It was very easy and comfortable and I highly recommend you check out her website. I just hope I am here in 5 years and will be able to redo the video so that I can give the kids more stories about my experiences so that they can learn and grow.”

She corrects our name in her next post,Buy Soma Silk Massage Cream and once again speaks of her positive experience with us. Please check out her organization: best place to buy soma of patients often bare a heavy emotional and physical burden. Judy was very cognizant of this with her husband, who had to assume all of her responsibilities when she was ill. This organization is meant to give caretakers a well needed break, even if it is just for a little while.

soma employee discount online

In the last two weeks as a result of the articlesoma discount card, we have had over 1500 hits on our website from New York to as far away as California.

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This article has received national as well as international coverage. While the title talks about our helping the dying, it is important to remember that you do not have to be dying to work with us. You must have a life-threatening illness and we are here to be an insurance policy against that disease. It is our hope that our clients will be with us 5 years out and want to do an updated video. If we take out insurance on our homes and cars and jewelry, why not on this? These videos give parents the peace of mind in knowing that they have said what they wanted to, just in case.


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Yesterday, we were featured on the blog, Greater Than We after Susie met our Vice President Debby Markowitz 

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Carisoprodol With CodeineIn an effort to always expand its services, Thru My Eyes has now purchased GoPro cameras to loan to their clients. Robert Allen, our videographer has always told his clients, “have your camera charged and ready so that you can take video of the everyday moments that you share as a family”. These cameras have the ability to suction on to any surface so that they can be ready available to turn on. In addition to our coming into the homes of people with a life-threatening illness, we can now give them the ability to continue to tape, which will then go into our final product. For children who might be too young to remember certain events, these moments will be captured for them. As one Mom who is fighting  Stage 4 sarcoma said “I want my children to remember the good times we shared, whether it was on my bed, in the car, or sitting on the floor together, those were so special to me.”

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A young Mom with very little time, mustered  the energy to create a video for her children and husband. She told them how much she loved them, and what her hopes and wishes for their future are. Although weak, she was determined to leave something behind for her loved ones.

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As a result of working with young parents, we have realized that there is a need for parents to discuss the issue of talking to their children about health issues. we have now listed organizations and counselors who can help parents work through these difficult issues.

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On Monday June 2, an interview by Sean Adams of Carri Rubinstein, Michelle Maidenberg and Debby Ziering was aired on 880 news radio. Ms. Rubinstein discusses that her organization is here to help parents who may miss the major milestones in their children’s lives create a video legacy that they can leave for their children and loved ones. Their service is free regardless of the family’s socioeconomic income. They depend on grants, fundraisers, and donations to support their organization. Also interviewed is Ralph Corbo, the spouse of a patient who made a video for her children and husband. Ralph describes what it is like to watch his late wife’s video. To see the posting on news 880 click  buy soma online without a shipped cash on delively . Soma Drugs

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After receiving a brochure from our office, a social worker from the Soma Liver Damage called us to say that they were placing Thru My Eyes as a resource for their cancer patients who may want to make a video legacy.

Based out in California, they are a free resource and information line for patients dealing with cancer to get cancer information. We will be offering to skype with any patients who wanted to create a video legacy with us. With this we are now reaching patients across the nation!
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