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Welcome First Responders!

We invite you to learn about Thru My Eyes and our services.

Thru My Eyes is a uniquely compassionate nonprofit organization founded on personal loss, and built on love and respect for life. Our mission is simple: to give individuals with life-threatening illnesses the ability to create a living legacy with the help of a trained mental health professional, in the privacy of their own home and at no cost.

Our organization would like to extend our free services to you and your family.  We know that you put your life at risk everyday for community and country—and this is our way of saying, thank you! Therefore, we are relaxing our criteria on the age of your children in order to accommodate you.

Please know that creating a living legacy with our clients is a sacred collaboration, and strictly confidential. Our process involves a two-hour interview with a licensed mental health practitioner in the privacy and comfort of a client’s own home. Interviews are scheduled at the convenience of clients, and customized to help parents express their love, impart words of wisdom and convey their dreams and hopes for their children. Legacies are captured on video by a professional videographer, and stored digitally for easy client access.  

Thru My Eyes would be honored to help you create such a legacy for your children and loved ones; and welcome the opportunity to discuss our services.   

We look forward to hearing from you.


Carri Rubinstein

President and Co-Founder



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