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When I have the honor of recording a free video legacy for one of our clients and give them a chance to record their family history, speak about hopes and dreams for their children, share special memories and give their family the ultimate gift, I know I have found my purpose in life. Each one of the video legacies I have created for our clients has changed me in some way.  I have a deeper appreciation for life.  I value and appreciate time with my wife and children more than I ever have.  I am wiser, more compassionate, more understanding, and most importantly fulfilled.

My only regret is that it would be impossible for us to provide a free video legacy for everyone that should have one.  In many cases it is not because we don’t have the resources to do it, it is because many people choose to not have a legacy video done once they learn of a life threatening diagnosis.  Many feel that it is a sign of giving up.  That there is no hope left.  This can’t be further from the truth.  Having Thru My Eyes create a video legacy for you or for someone you love is more of an insurance policy.  There is no downside to creating the video.  We would be more than happy to meet with you in five years to update the video as your children get older.

You might be able to sense that I feel very strongly about recording life on video.  Video brings back the sights and sounds and true emotion of any moment.  You can never have too much video of the people you love.  Time takes all of us away from those we love.  We can’t control that. What we can control is what we choose to save from that life.  Something to preserve family history long after we are all gone.  What we record today will be shared by countless generations to come.  We owe it to our great, great grandchildren to document as much of our lives as possible.

So when my friends ask me why I switched from recording happy things to recording sad things I tell them that my purpose in life is to record IMPORTANT things.

I came across this beautiful video (not mine) of a dance between a son and his mother on his wedding day. His mother was suffering from ALS and was confined to a wheelchair.  This however did not stop him from taking his mother out onto the dance floor.  Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall the day he gets to show this to his children or grandchildren?

If you know of someone that could benefit from having us create a video legacy please have them reach out to us to see if they qualify.  Let us be your “life saver”.

If a picture speaks a thousand words…then imagine how much your video legacy will say.

Robert Allen
“Life Saver”

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Sharsheret is a wonderful non for profit organization who supports young Jewish women and families facing breast cancer at every stage. They help people connect to their community in the way that feels most comfortable, whatever ones connection to Judaism and stage of life, diagnosis, or treatment.

We will now proudly be a resource for each other, helping connect women facing breast cancer to the support they need to thrive. Sharsheret helps women from coast to coast, and it is our hope to support both the women and their families through their fight with cancer.

The cancer support community recently suffered a significant loss in the passing of the founder of Sharsheret, Rochelle Shoretz.  Her passion and drive will forever remain the foundation of Sharsheret, and we are honored to be working with them.  Read more about Rochelle and Sharsheret Carisoprodol 350 Mg Tablet.

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We want to give a big Thank You shout out to Share Your Wish (soma cardigan) They are a truly amazing organization that helps teach children the value of thinking bigger than themselves. They have created a unique teaching opportunity for our children on the virtues of generosity and selflessness. In lieu of receiving presents for their birthday, children ask their family and friends to donate to their favorite charity. We have received 4 donations from Wonderful kiddos so far. We are so proud of them for understanding the virtue of charity and supporting Thru My Eyes. Bravo!


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We are thrilled to announce that Thru My Eyes is now affiliated with Soma Muscle Relax, a San Francisco Bay Area charity which, much like us, also produces videos for critically ill individuals. This exciting affiliation will make it possible for us to further extend our reach in the west coast, making us a truly national organization, and to share best practices with its founder Jocelyn Tseng in order to give our clients and theirs, the best experience possible while making a video. Click diazepam españolto learn more about the Legacy Project.

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Most of the time when we see someone taking a selfie, we think of narcissism and vanity. Today we challenge you to take another look at the selfie movement–one with new perspective and appreciation of the importance of preserving family memories. Often times, parent falls into the role of narrator; moms and dads end up spending more time behind the camera than in front of it with their family. This article from the NY Times illustrates how important capturing those everyday moments with your family really are. A selfie doesn’t have to be about documenting a new haircut or expensive outfit. A selfie can be a way to document a memory, a relationship, a love that is powerful and meaningful.

A picture is a way to ensure a memory lasts into the future–just in case to ensure you or your family don’t forget. It s a way to maintain and enhance lifes legacy-which is something that should be done regardless of ones health situation. So today, we challenge you to take a selfie with your family. We ask you to pucker up, smile, or make a silly face with your kids or your parents; a legacy of love captured to cherish forever.  You can even share your legacy with us on our Facebook page, we would be honored to share in your joy.

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Read the NY Times article “Want to Honor Mothers Day-Take a Selfie” article Soma Sale Online.

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This past week, we received intake referrals for a 29 year old mother of 4 with stage 4 colon cancer and a 49 year old mother of 2 with stage 4 breast cancer. Two referrals from opposite ends of the country, both loving parents in need of support and assistance in telling their life story, love, and guidance to their children–just in case the day comes when they can no longer do so. We are always saddened by the need for so many legacy videos, but we are touched that we are allowed the opportunity to help these parents and families in preserving their memories, traditions, and love in a way that will last forever.

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Free Lance Star

This past week The Free Lance-Star ( in Fredericksburg Virginia published an article on Thru My Eyes. We are excited that the word of our services and mission are spread across the country. What bring us even more joy is the fact that on the very same day that the article was published, a local Virginia family reached out to us to create their own free video legacy, as the parent is fighting advanced stage cancer. Prior to reading The Free Lance-Star that morning, they had never heard of Thru My Eyes, but thanks to the newspaper, they now have the opportunity to create the lasting memories of the parent on video. A gift for the family to treasure forever. This is why every Share on Facebook or Twitter, every article on a support site, blog, or newspaper, and every word of mouth referral is so important. Every one is a chance for a parent living with a life threatening illness to hear about Thru My Eyes and afford them the opportunity to create a video legacy for their children. Help us continue to spread across the country so that we can reach new families who may need our help.

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Founder and President Carri Rubinstein featured as Hudson Valley Hero in Hudson Valley Magazine.

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Carri and the work of Thru My Eyes has been highlighted as the March 2015 Hudson Valley Hero in the recent issue of Hudson Valley Magazine.  Did you know that Carri was a breast cancer survivor herself? Her personal struggles sparked the desire to help others, and that desire has grown and become a beacon of strength for Thru My Eyes and our clients. We are proud to be located in the historic Hudson Valley of New York and even more proud to be continuing to grow and offer our services nationwide.

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There were over 200 people packing into Gotham Comedy Club this past Tuesday in support of Thru My Eyes. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us. Your generosity and spirit made this night of comedy fundraising truly complete. We are honored to be in the company of people who not only care about our mission, but care enough to take real action and donate, share, and support Thru My Eyes. You have enabled us to continue this great work and help us bring a certain amount of peace of mind to the parents, in addition a gift that lasts a lifetime for their children. Comedian Ross Bennett said it best at the Gotham event, “I would give anything to have my wife and her legacy on video for my son” and because of you, many more families will have this gift to treasure.  We are forever thankful for you, and we hope you are as touched by this event and mission as we are.

We are beyond proud and grateful to report that we raised over $100,000 on February 24th! This will go towards the continuation of our mission of creating free video legacies for parents living with a life threatening illness across the country.  We have an outstanding team here at Thru My Eyes. Thank You to Lauren Megrew, Robert Allen, Lori Weinreich, and Randy Freeman for helping keep this organization running and growing. Thank You to our board members Carri and Aaron Rubinstein, Debra Zeiring, Evie Shvetz, Lindsey Sichel, Dr. Michelle Maidenberg, and Dr. Maureen Empfield to leading and supporting this mission. Last but not least, Thank You to our Medical Advisory board of Dr. David Weinrecih, Dr. Bruce Raphel, Dr. James Hollenberg, and Dr. Leslie Saland for providing support whenever needed.


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The word of the work that we do is continuing to spread around the country and the world.  Just this week we received a request to do a video in Canada.  We will be able to provide this through out Skype Virtual Studio.  

The Chicago Tribune published a feature article about the work that we do focusing on one of our clients, Barbara.  I had the honor of spending a few hours with Barbara creating her video legacy.  I am so thankful that she reached out to us when she did.  As you will learn reading the article Barbara lost her battle just six weeks after we recorded with her.  

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 There were tears when Barbara Bardak’s three young children first started watching the video she’d made for them about her life and what she wanted for theirs. It wasn’t long, though, before they were nudging and kidding each other in affection for the mother they’d lost to breast cancer five months earlier at age 43.

“It was such a beautiful moment,” said Nora Bardak, Barbara’s mother-in-law and caregiver for the children — 10, 11 and 14 — in Rocky Point, N.Y. “What a gift this was, and it couldn’t have been easy for her — she had to think, ‘maybe I’m dying,'” even though she looked healthy on the tape made six weeks before she died in July.

Download the full story soma 56

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If you have not had the chance to watch the testimonial that Barbara gave us the day we recorded with her really illustrates some of the most powerful reasons to make a video legacy.