Our Supporters

We are extremely proud of the work that we do helping parents living with advanced illness create a video legacy for their children and loved ones. We are equally as proud of the generous support and sponsorship that we have received that keeps our organization going and growing every day. While a large part of our donations comes from individual donors, we are excited to see a growing number of corporate sponsors signing on to support Thru My Eyes. Here is a list of foundations, organizations, and businesses that have stepped up to help families in need by showing their philanthropic side.


AMC Theaters
Amler Family
American Girl
Botein Family foundation
Countess Moira Foundation
Daniel and Jane Och Charitable Trust of the Jewish Community Fund
Gettry Marcus
Gjokos Salon and Spa, Inc.
Margolies Family Foundation
Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Organization
National Football League NFL
United Way of Westchester and Putnam, Inc.
Viterbi Family Fund of the Jewish Community Fund
Walt Disney World
Westchester County Psychological Association
Ziering Foundation


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