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The game plays out from a first-person perspective so running and hiding are the major points of gameplay. In traditional Frictional Games fashion, manipulating and ...

Metacritic Game Reviews SOMA for PlayStation 4, Strange occurrences are disrupting the routines of the PATHOS-2 research facility. The radio is silent. Behavioral ... SOMA (PS4) – scarier, and cleverer, than BioShock. The creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent have a new survival horror that mixes sci-fi philosophising with old ... PS4/PC Horror Game SOMA Sells 92k Copies, Enough to Pay Bills for Two Years. The game will need to sell about three times that, however, ... SOMA Review Roundup. From the creators of the Amnesia series comes a new kind of horror. See if Frictional Games' first entry on the PS4 is any good in our SOMA PS4 review. Frictional Games, the geniuses behind the Amnesia and Penumbra series are back with a new title, their first on a console. SOMA is a first-person survival horror game ... It may not stir the hordes of wailing YouTubers looking for the next best haunted house, but SOMA succeeds at crafting something much more meaningful than jump-scares. Available on PC (tested), Mac and PS4. Soma developer Frictional’s worldview is unusual. It treats players as the people they are – lives mostly sedentary and ... Inevitably, technology will reach a point where interactive mediums like video games and VR are remembered fondly as practice towards using something far ... A survival horror game for PS4 that will make you think long after the final credits roll. Check out the review