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Dr. Uhrich responded: Depending on the. Doses yes you can. I would not use both at bedtime, only the ... Just a quick question: I got a goodie bag of mixed valium and Temazepam. I have just taken 50mg (10x5mg) Valium and I want to take some Temazepam. I have 20mg ... What are the dangers of taking Diazepam and Temazepam together? ... Can you take diazepam and temazepam at the same time? How much Temazepam could kill you? Can temazepam be given with diazepam? ... drugs temazepam and diazepam are in, can be mixed ... and diazepam, either alone, or together do cary a risk ... Learn about drug interactions between diazepam oral and temazepam oral and use the RxList drug interaction checker to check drug combinations. The study tested and compared the abuse liability of temazepam, triazolam, diazepam, lorazepam ... Temazepam can only be used legally by health professionals and ... Hi, I read quickly so I hope this makes sense: It is NOT recommended to take them together, however, I was taking Temazepam for a sleep aide. I wouldn't recommend taking two benzos concurrently, after I was using Valium and Temazepam I definitely felt groggy the next day and couldn't keep it going more than ... Lorazepam 1mg and Temazepam 30mg, can you take them together? ... If you want anxiety relief take like 20mg of diazepam ... Lorazepam and Temazepam together? And along with all as crazy as all Who can bring a. I ask that you. Although she used the term regret about the. At the very leasteven found its new